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Historic Towns & Specialty Shopping
Missouri & Illinois


Fairs, Festivals & Shows
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Featured Event
Dec. 15 & 16 = The Belleville Flea Market in Belleville, Illinois is the third full weekend of every month, year round. The Flea Market is Southern Illinois’ Premier Indoor & Outdoor (weather permitting) Market. With over 600 tables and 300-400 vendors, we get a wide range of antiques, collectibles, merchandise to see to the public. Indoor/ Outdoor Year Round. Parking : $3.00 – Handicapped Accessible. Admission : FREE. The flea market is the 3rd full weekend of every month January through December. The flea market is located at Belle Clair Fairgrounds, Rt. 13 (just off Rt. 159 & 13), Belleville, IL. (200 South Belt East , Belleville, IL 62220) . The Belleville Flea Market is open to the public 9:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M. on Saturday and 9:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. on Sunday. For more information visit http://bcfairgrounds.net  or call 618-233-0052.


Featured Shop
Manhattan Antique Marketplace
. Over 40,000 square feet of space modeled after New York City!  Manhattan Antique Marketplace, also known as MAM (pronounced like ma’am), will be a one-stop shopping destination experience for all ages. Comprised of an antique mall, special events space, artist workshop, café, and microbrewery, MAM is more than just a mall…it’s a city!   Located at 10431 St. Charles Rock Rd., St.Ann, MO 63074 www.facebook.com/mamstl
The Asheford Program is an internationally recognized, professional-level "Profit & Pleasure" Course on the study of antiques, collectibles and appraising. Click here for more information.







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The Antique & Collectible News

     For more than 20 years The Antique & Collectible News newspaper has been the regional resource for tourism.

     Whether you are interested in antique or specialty shops, day trips to historic towns or visiting an entertaining event, the newspaper has it all.

     The A&C News' historic towns and shopping guide is organized by regions. Each section includes a map of the area to help you plan your trip.

     The Fairs, Festivals and Shows section includes all the information you need to plan your fun and adventure including a comprehensive Calendar of Events page. Each event listing online also includes Google maps with driving directions.

     Choose your shopping or event destination and then visit www.ExploreTheMidwest.com to complete your plans. This site includes detailed shop and event information as well as Google driving directions.

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Shopping and Historic Towns

Are you planning a trip?

     Every month we bring you two fantastic resources. With a copy of the Antique & Collectible News, which is organized by regions, and travel info from this web site,  we take the work out of planning your fun and adventure.

     Whether you are planning a shopping expedition or a trip to an historic town, the Antique & Collectible News has the information you need.

     The town pages and shop pages online have Google maps. You can print out driving directions to simplify your trip.

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Fairs, Festivals and Shows

Are you looking for fun and adventure?

     To enjoy community events, fairs, festivals and shows be sure to keep a copy of the newspaper handy with its extensive calendar of events.  The Fairs, Festivals and Shows section brings you fun and adventure every weekend of the month.

     With a copy of the monthly Antique & Collectible News, which is organized by regions, and travel info from this web site,  we take the work out of planning your fun and adventure.

     Each fair, show or festival listing online has Google maps and event information.

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The historic towns and shopping guide is organized for ease of use. The comprehensive Calendar of Events page has detailed event listings.
All pages include Google maps with driving directions. History comes alive in the Midwest.

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