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Manhattan Antique Marketplace
. Over 40,000 square feet of space modeled after New York City!  Manhattan Antique Marketplace, also known as MAM (pronounced like ma’am), will be a one-stop shopping destination experience for all ages. Comprised of an antique mall, special events space, artist workshop, café, and microbrewery, MAM is more than just a mall…it’s a city!   Located at 10431 St. Charles Rock Rd., St.Ann, MO 63074
The Asheford Program is an internationally recognized, professional-level "Profit & Pleasure" Course on the study of antiques, collectibles and appraising. Click here for more information.







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Lizzie’s Lather

Susan Leslie Lumsden

Rainbow Fusion


Lizzie’s Lather
Gary Moser, Charlotte and Elizabeth Moser Donovan are a family team working together to create fine handcrafted soaps. Each brings a special expertise to this sizzling home-based business.

As a physical therapist, Elizabeth Donovan was constantly washing her hands in harsh commercial soaps and consequently developed eczema. She was determined to find a soap that would be less irritating to her skin. Through her research and experimentation, she developed her own recipe and Lizzie's Lather was born.

Lizzie works hard in the research and development side of the business, as well as actual soap production. Her real claim to fame is that she is the best soap wrapper we know.

Gary Moser, computer guru extraordinaire, is a retired electrical engineer. Having tired of the corporate world, Gary worked as a consultant for the last 12 years. Now he serves as COO, CFO, CIO, Chief Engineer and EIEIO for Lizzie's Lather. The latter designation holds him in good stead for entertaining the corporate grandchildren when soap making is in progress.

Gary has designed and built all of our soap molds, soap curing racks, and makes all our soap labels and our unique self-draining wooden soap dishes. Outside of computer work (you call that work?!), Gary served 25 years at Southwestern Bell and is the man who brought the zip codes to your White Page Directories.

Everything that's left. to do - it's a pretty sure bet that Charlotte Moser does it! This would include production, sales and marketing, communications, administration, and lunch. With a background as an executive assistant and meeting/events planner, she's multitalented and multitasking.

Her absolute passion in life is travel. Trekking in Tibet, hiking in Tanzania, or seeing museums in Indianapolis. A close second would be singing. She's been singing and dancing in Sweet Adelines for over 30 years now. Her idea of a good time is reading a thriller in bed.


Rainbow Fusion  
     Tom and Cathy Kush are a husband/wife team who create unique and one of a kind fused glass jewelry. After taking classes in glass fusing together they formed a creative partnership which resulted in Rainbow Fusion art glass designs. They enjoy individual creativity and derive great satisfaction from sharing this unique medium in their jewelry designs.
     Fused glass is an ancient art form dating back to 2000 BC Specialized glass is hand cut and shaped then melted together at temperatures above 1200º Fahrenheit in a kiln to fuse together into a singular form. Because heating glass at high temperatures can be unpredictable, the resulting piece is unique and often one of a kind.
     Rainbow Fusion can be reached at



Susan Leslie Lumsden
     What's a rebel quilter? I am! I follow my own path, break rules where they get in my way, and have way more fun than most would allow! I am respectful enough of tradition to use its strengths but not enough to feel encumbered by it. I'm not afraid of tangents — willing to blaze a new trail or follow a secret one.
     As a quilter, it means that I generally work in 3 layers — a top layer containing the images or design, a middle layer of batting (usually cotton or wool) and a third layer or backing. These layers are attached to each other via thread that is artistically sewn as well as a binding or facing.
     I stop far short of the traditional quilting rules. I often use raw edge applique, I almost never do hand quilting. I also go way beyond the traditional stopping point — I add embellishments seldom found on a bed quilt — beads, foils, naked bodies… oh my!
     Susan is primarily self taught in all areas of surface design including dyeing, quilting, fabric manipulation, pattern design, thread painting & beading. She has attended workshops with Caryl Bryer Fallert, David Walker and many more.
Artist Development Grant—Pinellas County Arts Council 1998
First Place—Dunedin Fine Arts Center—Members Show—1997
Publications featuring Susan's works
2002 Handicrafts (magazine)—Japan
2001 "Taking the Show on the Road," Quilting Quarterly
2001 Ticket! The News Sentinel's Entertinment Guide — Ft. Wayne, IN
2000 One Moment, One Quilt, published by QNM
2000 "What God Taught Me While Quilting"



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