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Manhattan Antique Marketplace
. Over 40,000 square feet of space modeled after New York City!  Manhattan Antique Marketplace, also known as MAM (pronounced like ma’am), will be a one-stop shopping destination experience for all ages. Comprised of an antique mall, special events space, artist workshop, café, and microbrewery, MAM is more than just a mall…it’s a city!   Located at 10431 St. Charles Rock Rd., St.Ann, MO 63074
The Asheford Program is an internationally recognized, professional-level "Profit & Pleasure" Course on the study of antiques, collectibles and appraising. Click here for more information.







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Dance Discovery

St. Louis Missouri English Country Dancers

Urbana Illinois Country Dancers


Urbana Illinois Country Dancers
Greetings from the Urbana Country Dancers (UCD). The UCD is a community of people who support and promote the history, artistry and enjoyment of contra dancing.

The Urbana Country Dancers host dance events mostly on the first and third Fridays of each month and occasionally on Saturdays. Our primary dance venue is the Phillips Recreation Center, (217-367-1544), located at 505 West Stoughton Street (off Springfield Avenue) in Urbana, Illinois.

During the summer some dances may be held outdoors at the Pavilion in Crystal Lake Park. We also hold some special dances during the course of the year.

What is Contra Dancing?

Contra dancing is a traditional American dance. It is similar to square dance, derives from English country dancing and has been done in this country since the 1700's. We contra dance to live fiddle and string band music with featured callers in an atmosphere friendly to singles, couples, groups, and families. All dances are taught (walked-through) prior to dancing. We ask dancers to wear clean, soft soled shoes to protect the lovely sprung-wood dance floor. Comfortable clothes are also recommended. Dances are generally from 8 to 11 P.M., though we occasionally offer pre-dance workshops. A $5.00 donation is requested to fund the fees for the bands, callers and facility.


St. Louis Missouri English Country Dancers
     English country dancing involves lines of men facing lines of women. The dancers walk patterns with their partners and with other couples in the set. Our dance leader is Peter Wollenberg, and all dances are taught from scratch each evening.
     Beginners are welcome at all events! Each dance evening starts at 7:00 with a beginners' workshop so that newcomers can learn the fundamentals of English country dancing.
     The St. Louis English Country Dancers are members of CDSS, the Country Dance and Song Society.
     All dances, regardless of location, start with a workshop that begins promptly at 7:00 PM, followed by dancing from 7:30-9:30. The workshop is the time for new and semi-new dancers to learn steps and moves.     
     We dance on MONDAYS, once a month. We also dance on Fridays once a
month. Specifically, on the 2nd Friday of the month and the 4th Monday
of the month. Check out the web site for locations and times.
Cost is $7.00 per person, students pay $5.00.
     Live Music for every dance evening by the Original Speckled Band.
Members of the band are:
Jennifer Husky - bass
Rebecca Mayer - bass
Tim Hirzel, flute
Paul Ovaitt - mandolin, guitar, recorder, bodhran
Aileen Murphy, violin
Alena Wheeler, violin
Paul Stamler - guitar, resophonic guitar

Wear comfortable clothes and soft-soled shoes.
You can come with or without a partner.


Dance Discovery
Dance Discovery is a performance dance troupe based in St. Louis, Missouri. We formed the troupe in response to the commemoration of the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase and Lewis and Clark's Corps of Discovery expedition. Dance Discovery's mission is to provide festivity and merriment to celebrations by researching, performing and fostering historically appropriate social dances from Playford (1600's) to the present including those of American, English, French and Spanish origins. Dance Discovery is an affiliate of the Country Dance and Song Society. We have danced at a variety of venues and occasions around the St. Louis area including: Lewis and Clark Heritage Days in St. Charles, MO, Missouri History Museum, May Day at the Missouri Botanical Gardens, Lewis and Clark Historic Site in Hartford, IL, Historical Festival in St. Genevieve, MO, Shakespeare Festival in Forest Park, Private Balls and Parties
     Booking Information:
     A variety of programs are available for your event. You may select one of the following:
-- A choreographed performance by costumed dancers, including live music played by the Tu' Penny Uprights. It may include audience participation if you wish.
-- A workshop led by an experienced Dancing Master who can teach your group historical social dances with accompaniment played by the Tu' Penny Uprights.
Or ...we will put together the kind of program you need for your event.
     Our Musicians:
     Tu' Penny Uprights are all classically trained musicians who find themselves drawn to the folk and popular dance music of the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. Just as composers from Bach to Beethoven and Bartok were inspired by this music and often included it in their symphonies, the Tu' Penny Uprights enjoy playing music that provided a creative engine for much of classical music. The music is lively and energetic--sometimes lyrical and sometimes raucous. People say the dance music "Lifts them off their feet."
     Tu' Penny Uprights consists of three musicians, Martha Edwards (fiddle), Kristin Graham (keyboard) and Paul Wexler with the Clarinet who also plays recorder and the penny whistle. Currently, they are using the resources of the Missouri History Museum Library and Research Center for researching, reconstructing and presenting the music of the Lewis and Clark Era.
     The band and our Artistic Director have researched the dances and music used at the parties and balls thrown by a St. Louis population eager to meet and entertain Captains Lewis and Clark while they were in St. Louis. The Tu' Penny Uprights have put together a fairly sizable collection of the music which is played for the dancers.
     Our Dancers:
     All our troupe members have dance experience from a variety of traditions including English Country, Contra, French, Scottish Country, International, Ballroom and Ballet dancing. We welcome new dancers to the troupe who have experience in one or more of these traditions.
     Dancers interested in joining the troupe should contact us at for more information about joining the troupe and for the rehearsal schedule.



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